Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hectic Halloween Weekend

This is my three-year-old son, Matthew. He is the absolute light of my life, and the funniest and sweetest little dude ever! He makes the silliest faces! They crack me up! Thank goodness for digital cameras (he broke mine, by the way, and I finally got a replacement today) to capture his silly antics!

The poor little guy got the nastiest tummy flu during the Halloween weekend, it was terrible but mercifully only lasted a couple of days. We both got very little sleep, it was pretty miserable.

He jumped back to his normal self right before Halloween, in a sort of Dr. Jekyll/Ms. Hyde kinda way. It's like one minute he was barely moving and pale as a ghost (how very appropriate for Halloween), and the next he was running around singing the theme song for the Backyardigans at the top of his lungs (which, by the way, is his current favorite song).

Being a single mom with a sick baby makes it very hard to get anything done, and it set me back a little bit. Of course, I don't mind (too much) because in the end, my son is my priority and his health is the most important thing. But still, errands and chores and work can pile up pretty quickly.

I'm finally catching up on everything, and somehow managed to pull off an amazing event this last week, thanks to the help of my awesome friend, Sean.

Now it's a new calm before the holiday storm. I've finally caught up on sleep and I am feeling very inspired!

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