Monday, December 5, 2011

Mal Pearson Giveaway Is Here!!!

So the much anticipated gigantic giveaway hosted by Mal Pearson, EleventhGorgeous, and Alexandraaxo has launched! Today is day five of this amazing contest, so let me give you a little info on it.

There are a total of 31 gift bags filled with awesome goodies from all sorts of companies, including my nautical sweetheart sets! Below is a list of all of the products being given away in each bag:

Berry Perry - Berry Ball
Affinitas - Packaged Panties
Red Apple Lipstick- 1 of 3 lipsticks in Red!, Plum Sexy Crazy, Mauve Me
Hollywood Fashion Secrets - Hollywood Fashion Tape
CND - Plum Truffle Collection Nailpolishes
Petal Cove Jewelry - Nautical Sweetheart sets
Lush - Jilted Elf Shower Jelly
Concrete Minerals - Mineral Eyeshadow (All Different Shades)
The All Natural Face - Mineral Eyeshadow (All Different Shades)
Teez - 1 of 10 of Hair Products
The Card Shower - 5 Coco Chanel (Notecards)
Motives - Collagen Core lipsticks (all different shades)
Kusmi Tea - Kusmi Tea Detox Tins
Lime Crime - Nymph Magic Dust Eyeshadow

The icing on this giveaway cake is that for every 1,000 entries, Mal will be donating $100 to Compassion International, which is an amazing organization that benefits children in 3rd world countries.

This Giveaway is so easy to enter, and you can enter one time a day, every day throughout December.

To enter, go to

Also, for a peek at the goodies, check this video out!

Wishing everyone lots of luck!!!

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